How we became Birch + Mortar Homes, LLC:
After living in New York City for five years, Chris and Elaine decided to move back to their hometown with their toddler in tow to be closer to friends and family.  After binge watching house flipping shows during the construction of their own home and plus the addition of another little one, the opportunity was there and quickly made sense to get into real estate investing.  With Chris’s construction background and Elaine’s creativity and passion for design, they excel in this business.

Why the name Birch + Mortar?
When creating the name for the business they wanted to combine two of the things that meant most to them.  Birch is symbolic for new beginnings, renewal and starting over, where Mortar is the bonding agent providing structure.  Birch + Mortar Homes, LLC provides new beginnings, structure, and a full service to their clients whatever their real estate needs are.

Chris Smaczniak - Owner
Chris has spent most of his career working in the construction/environmental management industry. His degrees in Construction Management and Environmental Studies has given him many roles including the initial environmental inspection of properties, the coordination of contractors, and the implementation of proper practices. With his knowledge of construction, property inspection, and real estate experience, he is a major asset to assisting others with their immediate real estate needs.   

Elaine Smaczniak - Owner
Elaine is a graduate of Buffalo State College with a bachelors degree in Fashion Textile Technology and Fashion Merchandising.  After attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, she moved on to many positions in the development, quality assurance, and sales of many different types of consumer products.  With her design background, real estate experience, and knowledge of various products, she is a great benefit for home design and finishing. 

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